Tips for Giving Unique Gifts

As the holidays approach, it can be difficult to decide what to get family, coworkers, or friends who may have a unique style, a fun sense of humor, or interesting hobbies. However, gifts given to stylish individuals can come in many different forms, from clothing or accessories for their technology to quirky gifts, and can be fun to buy because of the thought that goes into picking out the right personalized gift.

Here are some gift ideas for the unique individuals in your family.

Technology accessories

Almost everyone has a cellphone that’s always by his or her side. But there are so many models out there, that a phone may not be terribly unique; you’re always likely to run into someone else who owns the same model.

Adding fun cellphone covers can make a phone more interesting, distinguish it from most other people’s phones, and become a conversation piece.

Accessories for technology can also include skins for tablets or e-readers, stands for tablets to be read easier, or keyboards that are more suited to the person’s needs, like gaming, a virtual keyboard to save space, or even keyboards with a storage compartment underneath.


Finding clothing gifts online may be able to take the stress out of shopping and offer more range to the options that are available, so you run less of a risk of giving the same gift as someone else or a copy of what all their friends are wearing.

For men, interesting yet professional neckties can be a unique addition to their wardrobe for work, or you can get them less formal attire, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, or even pajama sets.

Home accessories

Whether your family member, friend, or coworker has his or her own place or shares living space with other people can be a factor in determining a gift for the home. An interesting shower curtain, welcome mat, wall decals, or even an LED faucet would be better gifts for someone that lives by himself or with people that have the same style.

More individual gifts such as mugs, cups, cookie jars, or shot glasses can be used by the person they are given to. You needn’t worry about what housemates have to say about the gift, and have it go unused.

Other gifts, such as bed sheets, artwork, or personal items can be thoughtful gifts. A personal item, such as a badger shaving brush kit, can be an interesting and useful gift for the man on your list who enjoys a cleaner shave, and will be something that does not go unused.

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