Three Tips For Creating The Geek Wedding Of Your Dreams

The world is full of geeks and nerds, or whatever you want to call them. When it comes to planning a wedding, the geeky types are sure to do something amazing. There won’t just be a regular old white gown and plain old tuxedos at this wedding.

If you are a geek and you want your wedding to revolve around your favorite geeky movie, superheroes, or video games, then you sure do have a fun road ahead of you. You won’t be the first people to go geek when it comes to weddings.

Since you’ll be following in the footsteps of other nerdy brides and grooms, you are sure to find some great geek wedding ideas, like the ones below!

Start By Picking Your Theme

Some weddings may go for a mixed theme, depending on the differences of the bride and groom’s taste in geek culture, but for the most part it can help to have one theme in mind when it comes to this type of wedding.

Is there a series of movies you both love, like Harry Potter or Iron Man? Are you both Super Mario fans? Take these things into account as you start your planning. Maybe you’ll want to have a Marvel Superheroes wedding or even a Dr. Who themed one.

Where Will You Work It In

Decide how you are going to work your theme in. You can have wedding invitations done that revolve around your theme, like cards with Harry’s glasses and lightening bolt on them, or maybe the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol.

You’ll want to work it into many aspects of your wedding. You may want to have a cute garter made with the TARDIS on them. Maybe you’ll want the whole reception to be decorated with fun items that resemble the things you find in Super Mario games. Make it fun and memorable.

Let The Colors Flourish

One fairly easy place to add in your theme is through color. If Iron Man is your favorite superhero, have your bouquet made with flowers that are colored like this superhero’s costume. Remember, flowers are a key element in your wedding.

Superhero fans may also want to have some masks set aside for wedding photo fun. Dr. Who fans can have little mini TARDIS’ on the tables at the reception. The ideas are pretty much endless if you just use your creativity. The more fun they have planning it the longer they’ll remember that wonderful day!

Some people may think a themed wedding is a little over the top, and maybe it is. But the wedding is about the bride and groom and it should reflect their love for one another, and the things they love in general!


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