Three Sci-Fi Fantasy Conventions Every Fanboy or Fangirl Should Attend

There is a Sci-Fi Fantasy convention to cater to almost every type of geek desire.  The crowds and the hype of a “Con” can be intoxicating to the right kind of person.  Crowd control can even become an issue, especially when you have thousands of Trekkies running around!  You can pretty much find one near you wherever you may be, but which cons are the best? Where does the lonely nerd find his niche?  Here are what the collective find to be the top three Sci-Fi Fantasy conventions in the United States.

Comic-Con in San Diego, CA

The biggest and baddest of all Sci-Fi and Fantasy conventions is Comic-Con, San Diego.  There are several other Comic-Cons, but this one is the icing on the cake as far as Sci-Fi and Gamer fans are concerned.  This is your chance to meet big name actors that you may not otherwise ever come in contact with.  The coming year’s preview are released for all the big movies and games in the industry.

For people who aren’t so interested in meeting the stars, there are tons of other things at the convention to keep your exploring mind fascinated.  This particular Comic-Con offers listings of all the different kinds of cuisine available in the area, and even where all the big parties will be located.  There’s so much to get involved with that you probably won’t make it through the list of things you intend to do while you’re there.

DragonCon in Atlanta, GA

DragonCon offers a wide array of events, workshops, meet and greets, and even a masquerade party with prizes. Encompassing three hotels in downtown Atlanta, this extravagant con even has it’s own parade. The Comic and Pop Artist Alley is a great place to not only view the phenomenal art of the sci-fi/fantasy world, but also to purchase from some of your favorite artists. Autograph sessions offer the fans a chance to meet their favorite actors, writers, and artists first hand while walking away with a memento that has been personalized.

The eclectic array of workshops can inform and entertain just about any enthusiast. From belly dancing workshops that last only an hour to intensive workshops that last all weekend long, everyone’s need can be met. The best part of all? You can do it all in the costume of your choice, and immerse yourself in a world of collective fiction. Be sure to bring along a camera, the costumes you see are some of the coolest things you may ever see.

AggieCon in College Station, TX

This convention is organized and ran by Texas A&M students.  It’s been around for quite some time, beginning in nineteen sixty nine.  AggieCon is usually held around the end of March each year.  This is more of an educational convention, but don’t write it off as boring.  Some of the biggest names in the industry have frequented this diverse gathering.

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