The Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Business Retreat in Calgary

Situated in an accessible and temperate region east of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is perfectly positioned to welcome travelers, especially if you seek a place to conduct a business retreat or conference.

Calgary offers the best of both worlds: stellar business services and amenities with an attractive natural environment and plenty of opportunities for leisure, recreation, and entertainment.

Here are five reasons to choose Calgary as a business destination.

1. Tourism Calgary’s corporate services

This city wants businesses to thrive, so it offers extensive planning and support services for corporate events. It has online resources that provide assistance for every stage of planning for an event or conference.

A unique service offered by Tourism Calgary is the White Hat Ceremony, during which visitors are presented with a white Smithbilt (cowboy) hat as a token of welcome. This tradition can be a great way to honor an employee of the year or other stand-outs during your retreat.

2. Access to the great outdoors

Although Calgary is a major urban center, it’s also nestled at the foot of the Rockies, and includes some of the most scenic country in central Canada. Within the city itself are two of Canada’s largest city-based parks: Fish Creek Provincial Park and Nose Hill Park.

These unspoiled areas of natural beauty offer a welcome retreat from the bustle of modern urban life. Visitors may also enjoy majestic vistas of the city skyline from the north and south of Calgary.

3. The 1988 Winter Olympics sites

Few events are more inspiring than the Olympic Games. Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 and several structures are still in use to commemorate the excitement and enthusiasm of that year.

The Olympic Oval is one of these. It’s open to public skating, if it’s not hosting speed skating competitions or other major events, such as hockey games played by the Oval X-Treme women’s team. The Oval is a great spot for a group outing that can inspire and enliven.

4. Excellent accommodations for business travelers

Calgary is home to an impressive array of hotels and suites designed with the business traveler in mind. Among the best locations at which to base a retreat is the area just north of Fish Creek Provincial Park and close to the Golf Canada Centre.

Accommodations in this area frequently offer packages for those who wish to host their retreat that uses a hotel and its meeting and banquet facilities. The area is also accessible from several major highways.

5. Attractions and entertainment options

Calgary has something for everyone, including twenty-one major museums, botanical gardens, the world-class Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and an abundance of small parks and historic sites. It also features professional athletic teams and lively music venues.

For group outings and team-building ventures, the environment offers a smorgasbord of opportunities for corporate visitors. If you’re organizing a company retreat, Calgary provides a high level of services and the opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. The city offers access to both urban and outdoor amenities with wide appeal.

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