The Raging Debate Surrounding Juice Cleanses

A new trend has hit the “desire to be healthy” industry: Juice cleanses. This is the process of drinking only fruit and vegetable juice while abstaining from any other types of nutrition for a period of time. This process is supposed to clean the body of anything toxic and harmful. These juice fasts can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. But is it safe?

Health risks

One of the main issues that many doctors have with juice cleansing are the health risks involved. Since a person is only relying on freshly-made fruit and vegetable juice during the time, there is no other food going in to the system. Additionally, only around 1000 calories a day are being consumed by the juicer. This often leads to rapid weight loss, which can do more harm than good to your body.

Is it Fad-ulous?

Health fads come and go; but is juicing a fad? Many doctors think it’s one of a number of fads that have hurt people more than helped. There are many reasons to detoxify your body, but is juicing a safe way to do it? Experts disagree on this issue.

Start Small

There are definitely real results with body cleansing. The trick is to approach the process as you would any major change. Realize that juicing has to be combined with a change in lifestyle and not just something that is trendy. The initial juice cleanse shouldn’t be something major; try a small cleanse over a day or two first.

While many people go through a cleanse and seem to feel better, others have to struggle through it. Keep in mind that the results of a healthier body are usually worth the pain.

Real Results

Many juicers have been able to show real results, casting doubt over critics’ claims. Stars and celebrities often can lock themselves away to do this process without being shadowed by media and paparazzi. People with families and jobs can’t do this. Keep the wanted results and the lifestyle in focus when choosing the right cleanse.

Is the end nigh?

Juice cleansing, while controversial,  is a popular way to focus the body and the mind on the process of becoming healthy. The results may not seem like much to the critics, but for many that go through a cleanse, they claim that it’s amazing. The feeling of having a healthy body, and just the psychological benefits of feeling like you’re doing something healthy, can have real health benefits.

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