The New Face of SEO Software

After years of Google updates and the vast changes to SEO information, you might be wondering if SEO software is still as useful as it was years ago. While the scope and type of technology has certainly changed, the truth is that SEO software is more useful than ever. SEO is a professional’s game, and you need the best technology to score the most traffic.

Google Updates

It’s understandable why so many people have been shaken by the numerous Google updates. Starting with the Panda update, also known as the Farmer update, Google has been doing its best to remove the impact of content mills and those who seek to game the system.

At the same time, this hasn’t reduced the power of SEO. Google has said that it wants to stop people from trying to rank on top, but the truth is that they have just set new quality standards. Those who play by the rules and create amazing content with relevant metadata are still able to reign supreme.

Power of SEO Software

Technology is still essential in content marketing, but the best types of software have changed. The best software before the updates were content spinners, mass linking programs and keyword research tools.

The first two programs are quickly becoming obsolete because they go against many of Google’s new quality standards, but keyword research tools are still going strong. In fact, the Hummingbird update made long-tail keywords stronger than before, so these tools are being used more often.

Aside from finding keywords, the other best programs help users with metadata and maintaining originality. For example, there are tools that help users populate images, links and content with the best metadata so that Google’s spiders can better rank the content. Originality has become more important, so you must ensure that there’s nothing similar to your articles before posting them.

Analyzing Competition

Dominating the search engines is one thing, but there’s another side to SEO software that makes it good for business regardless of what Google is doing. If you are creating an ecommerce website or entering a crowded niche, then you definitely have some competition.

Competition is terrifying because these people are working to get the same clients that you’re after, but they’re also great for research. They’re succeeding at capturing clients and marketing keywords, so they’ve found something that works.

There are numerous programs that allow you to see all of their marketing so that you can reach the same people while besting the competition. Just find the most popular websites in your niche and see where their links are coming from. This technique will work in spite of Google, and you’ll get a powerful roadmap to your primary customer through your competition.


Has SEO software been defeated by Google? While certain types of programs are losing popularity, the various updates have just changed the slant of this technology. Instead of gaming the system with numerous links, the new face of SEO software allows you to find keywords, research the competition and maintain originality. In fact, the updates may have just made this software more important than ever.


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