The Evolution of Small Business Marketing

From 1999 to 2014, technology has evolve and changed the world of business in previously unimaginable ways. In terms of marketing, businesses now have more and better exposure than ever.

Here are three major ways that marketing has been revolutionized by modern technology.

1. From hard copy to soft copy: the age of information

Back in 1999, a person still had to print out and mail a press release to a regular bricks-and-mortar newspaper office. In today’s world, however, a press release is drafted and submitted via the Internet, where it is picked up by an array of web-based media outlets for additional support and potential inquiries from different media members.

Unless a particular newspaper is actively searching for a specific story by means of a local area press release, the majority of press releases can circulate and succeed entirely online without ever having to come into contact with an actual printed page.

2. The ever-evolving advance of technology and social media

When it comes to business, your social imprint and online presence can make you or break you; it’s that important. If you don’t have a social media presence online via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you pretty much don’t exist and your business (if anyone were to be aware of it) is deemed irrelevant.

To get in the game you must also do more than simply sign up. You must regularly update pages and comments to illustrate how serious your business is about maintaining your customer base and keeping them engaged and informed of your activities.

Even just a few days off, let alone a week of not updating, and your company starts to look inconsistent and careless. Therefore, it’s crucial always to have someone step in and cover the online updating of your business presence if your social media administrator is temporarily absent.

In 1999, there was never any need for a social media administrator in business. In 2014, however, things have changed. Now, if a social manager is gone for more than a day, a company needs someone to cover and continuously update and submit tweets to ensure the survival of your brand online.

3. Blogging: the ultimate marketing tool

Blogging is the quintessential, game-changing marketing tool in business today. It’s one thing to produce a business blog and update it occasionally, but it’s also a good idea to insinuate your brand across the board by blogging on other sites as an expert contributing writer.

One thing that really helps a small business take off is to cross-blog with like-minded people. Essentially, this means setting up a partnership in which you agree to write on your partner’s blog and he or she will write on yours.

Cross-blogging offers the opportunity to publish good, solid content from an expert source as well as getting you the opportunity to publish your own ideas and link back to your site in front of a whole new audience. It can greatly expand your online presence.

Advances in technology have continued to expand and empower the field of marketing as time passes. You need to embrace the technological progress and continue to test which platforms work best for you and your brand.

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