The Best Mobile Casinos for the Casual Gamer

Anytime we are bored, we pull out our phones. We have app after app to entertain us, and so we can always find something to do – as long as the battery on our smartphone doesn’t die, of course. Now, if we want to, we can stand in line at the coffee shop and play blackjack for real money while we wait for our latte. Now, this may seem like something only a hardcore high-roller would do, but the opposite is true. Casual gamers can access mobile casinos on their phones and play for as much or a little as they want.

Mobile Casino Options

Due to the varying laws surrounding gambling in the US, mobile casinos are somewhat of a loophole.  Mobile devices are harder to regulate and so provide a sort of legal safe haven. At first, the mobile casinos were simple, offering just a few games and nominal prizes (if any). But due to their rise in popularity, the mobile casinos have improved and now offer an almost infinite number of options for any gamer.

Several prominent online casino websites offer reviews for the various mobile casinos. However, as with any product, it’s important to consider several factors when choosing a mobile casino. With casino-style games, the first decision to make is whether or not to bet using real or virtual money. Each has its own set of rewards, and the decision to gamble for real money does not need to be made lightly. It’s always important to know when real money is being wagered.

Another big factor is the preference for the game. Some mobile casinos are dedicated solely to slot machines, blackjack, or poker. Other casinos have various games that the user can play whenever the mood strikes.  Also, some users like to only play “the house”, while others prefer playing against other players over the virtual server. This can be part of the decision as well and is really a matter of preference.

In addition, many mobile casinos offer certain “amenities”. Physical casinos offer those too, but they’re usually in the form of pools, spas, Cirque du Soleil shows, four star restaurants…but the mobile casinos have to compete as well. For example, some mobile casinos have different bonuses, withdrawal and transfer services, and payment options. Finding something that suits the player’s needs is really a matter of experimenting on different platforms and making the decisions.

But one of the awesome things about mobile casinos is the ability of the user to have multiple casino apps loaded onto the smartphone at one time. The only limit to the amount of mobile casinos one person can have is the amount of memory storage on the phone – and the amount of money in bank.

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