The 5 Most Efficient Building Materials for Desert Homes

When looking to build or buy a home, the construction of the house is obviously very important for a number of reasons. One factor that can be overlooked is energy efficiency in the building materials. What the walls, windows, and doors are made of all play a part in how energy efficient at house is, and ultimately decides how much the residents are going to pay for their energy bills. When someone has the option to choose some materials over others when building or replacing parts of a house, sometimes going for energy efficient options, though possibly more expensive to begin with, will save them money over time.


There are a few steps that can be taken to create efficient walls in a home. First, building with wood can help a wall structurally as well as set the foundation for a lasting, efficient wall. Sealing and insulating, as well as efficient windows (which will all be discussed in more depth), are all additions that will create the best walls possible. These are all things to look for when buying a home or when building one.


A well insulated home is a comfortable home. Without insulation in the walls, heat can easily go in and out– that means that heat can come in when it’s hot outside and heat can leave when it’s cold. Attics are especially good at letting heat leave and enter without proper insulation. Usually, when someone is paying a lot each month just to keep their house a comfortable temperature, adding or replacing insulation can do the trick.


Not only do the doors in a house help control temperature, but a nice front door can do wonders to the look of a house. Having the right doors in Phoenix is especially important for keeping the heat of Arizona summers out, just like it’s important to have thick, well-sealed doors in Alaska to keep the winter’s cold out.


There are many energy efficient roofing systems out there, from simply choosing the right color to installing solar panels. The slope of a roof can make a difference, just like how black roofs absorb heat while white colored roofs reflect light from the sun. When a house is being build, the style of the roof plays a big role in how efficient the house will be, while factors like weather and look need to be considered as well.


When it comes to windows, there are two options: either improve existing windows or replace them. Adding storm windows, caulking, and weatherstripping are all ways to make existing windows more efficient at keeping heat inside in winter and cool air in during summer. Someone may consider replacing their windows with more efficient windows if these smaller additions don’t do the trick– which can be the case when windows become too old. Energy efficient windows can be installed quickly, they look great, and will help control the temperature of a house.

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