The 5 Most Amazing LED Light Shows in the World

LED lights aren’t simply to be hung on the Christmas tree or the house during the holiday season anymore. Some areas of the world are using these little lights to create some of the most breathtaking light displays a person will ever see.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

This March, the City by the Bay transformed itself into the City of Lights by designing a light sculpture called The Bay Lights, designed by the artist Leo Villareal. The 25,000 LED lights will cast an ethereal brightness over the bridge’s West Span, and viewers will be able to see a rich display of different patterns and animations from miles away.

Empire State Building

New York City is never to be outdone. On two separate occasions, the Big Apple lit the Empire States Building up with tons of LED lights. For the Super Bowl, the famous skyscraper rotated in 49ers gold and red, as well as the Raven’s purple and white. For each touchdown that was scored, the lights glittered in the scoring teams color.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Empire State Building featured a special LED light show of red and gold sparkles to simulate Chinese New Year fireworks. The entire city was astounded at how real and visually stimulating the Empire State Building’s LED fireworks appeared.

Margate, FL’s Lauderdale Christmas

In the town of Margate, FL every Christmas, more than 65,050 LED lights and electronic signs illuminate Northwest 25th Street. The light display features a huge lit-up clock, glittering palm trees, and a house outlined in twinkling lights. There is a great cause behind the gorgeous glow. People donate canned food and money for the needy in order to see the light display.


For an exciting exhibit at the city’s Hayward Gallery, artist Leo Villareal, the same man behind the Bay Lights exhibit, created a flowering tower consisting of more than 19,600 white programmable LED lights called Cylinder II. According to Villareal, the LED lights display an ever-changing pattern that looks like “meteor showers, falling snow, clouds of fireflies and other natural phenomena.”

Next time a person views simple LED light displays, they should keep in mind that these tiny little lights can create huge and dramatic displays used all over the world.

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