The 5 Biggest Trade Shows in America

For businesses looking for more exposure, it’s a good idea to get in with the biggest trade shows in the US. Trade shows are a time to show off the latest advancements, network, reach new audiences and become a part of the overall industry. Depending on a business’ niche, there are a variety of trade shows available in all different sizes across America.

Make sure at least one of these shows is incorporated in the annual budget. It’s a fun, exciting way to reach new markets and build a reputation.

1. New York International Auto Show

Even folks who aren’t gearheads have heard about the New York International Auto Show. It draws in about one million attendees every year and is held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. There are car shows around the world, but the Big Apple is a massive contender and brings in the most participants year after year. For a business in the auto industry, it’s an absolute must.

2. The Washington Auto Show

Don’t think that the auto industry in the US is dead–the runner up for the largest trade show in America is held in Washington at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. There are about 950,000 attendees per year, just a few less than the New York competition. This event is held in February and is often a precursor to the New York show. Many auto businesses choose to attend both.

3. North American International Auto Show

Detroit is still going strong–at least in terms of auto shows. Held in January at the COBO Center, the Detroit show welcomes over 770,000 attendees per year and many consider it a requisite for trade show enthusiasts. There’s the history, the culture and the genuine love of automobiles that isn’t replicated at any other show in the US or abroad. Participants bring their best pop up display to kick off another year of shows.

4. Dallas Auto Show

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but the Dallas Auto Show comes in fourth in terms of sheer size. Held in March at the Dallas Convention Center, it directly competes with New York which may be why it doesn’t have a higher ranking. Perhaps if Dallas switched to another month, it would stand a better chance against the competition.

5. National Farm Machinery Show

Finally, the fifth trade show isn’t all about cars–but it is about big machines. This event is held in February at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Nestled in the heart of farm country, it draws farmers and agriculture experts from around the US.

There are a slew of trade shows for all types of industries, and it’s always smart to check attendance records before signing up.

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