The 10 Most Popular Videos on the Internet

The success of viral videos is seemingly random – production values can range from a backyard shot to a high-end film project. Subjects can be people dancing and galloping like horses or cats playing a piano. It is nigh impossible to predict what will trigger audiences to generate link shares and comments. Here are 10 of the top viral videos right now on the internet.

1. Call Me Maybe

Much like the success of Gangnam Style, this song by Carly Rae Jepsen was catapulted to its viral status through tweets and sharing from other international stars. Justin Bieber tweeted about the catchy song and it took off from there.

2. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

Advertisers for television channel TNT added a innocuous red button to a button to a small Belgium town square. What ensued after a hapless bystander pressed it is too epic for words.

3. Somebody that I Used to Know

This angsty song by Gotye is an ear worm. With a creative and moody music video and countless parodies and covers, it is hard not to run into the song while at the mall, browsing online, or even in the supermarket.

4. Hot Weather in Richmond this Weekend

Weatherman Aaron Justus posted a spoof apocalyptic forecast featuring destructive lava flows, floods, and Godzilla. According to the Huffington Post, Justus made this final forecast for when he left WTVR CBS6. Way to go out with a laugh!

5. Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs

Car lovers watching this viral video will cringe and press their palms to their faces, seeing such a beautiful and expensive car get damaged while the driver attempts to show off in the suburbs.


Schmoyoho, the viral video geniuses behind the breakthrough video Bed Intruder applied their songify effects to the final debate between Obama and Mitt Romney. Each video release gets more complex, with the Schmoyoho staff appearing in the video with rap solos, political commentary, and more.

7. A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

The BadLipReading channel has released hilarious interpretations of other major films and political debates in the past, such as The Hunger Games and the 2012 debates. This time, the Twilight films are their target, with voice actors dubbing over footage with comedic interpretations of the actors’ lip movements.

8. KONY 2012

This politically charged video is much longer than most viral videos, clocking in at almost 30 minutes. The video reveals the social movement and activism of a group called Invisible Children, advocating for the arrest of Joseph Kony, a guerrilla group leader who has been accused of kidnapping children in Uganda for use as soldiers and slaves.

9. The cat is planning something evil

Cat videos and viral status seem to go hand in hand. If anything is a sure-fire meme generator, it is a cat. This short footage of a cat staring intently into a camera with ominous music has a cool 4.4 million views.

10. The Schticky Commercial

Cheesy rhymes and puns have been a staple of Vince Offer’s advertisements, of ShamWow and Slap Chop fame. He is no stranger to viral marketing. The Slap Chop remix has received over 14 million views.

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