The 10 Most Amazing Casinos In The World

Casinos have long stopped being a place simply to gamble. They’ve become luxurious, exotic resorts catering to every dream we’ve ever had about living large. With the amount of money that is won and lost on an hourly basis, the sky is the limit when it comes to how ostentatious the modern-day casinos of the world can be. Here are 10 examples of casinos that go for the imagination as well as the wallet.

Casino Baden-Baden in Baden-Baden, Germany, is the oldest casino in the country, and has been called “the most beautiful casino in the world”. European gothic architecture and culture meets the quick money of the modern world, with Casino Baden-Baden’s 113 slot machines and 24 gaming tables lets gamblers enjoy some old world charm with new world extravagance.

No list about casinos would be complete without the Bellagioin Las Vegas. Perhaps the most famous casino in the world, the Bellagio features daily tournaments, 2,400 slot machines and 124 tables offering dozens of different games.

The city-state of Monaco may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but the sheer opulence of the Monte Carlo Casino more than makes up for the size. So exclusive that Monaco’s own citizens are prohibited from entering the gaming rooms, the Monte Carlo is more of a palace than a casino, with marble pavement, Greek columns, golden ornaments, art pieces, and, in 2003, a winning purse of $2 million.

Named after its Los Angeles counterpart, The Venetian Macau has 3,400 slot machines and over 800 gaming tables, with private gaming areas for the discerning (and wealthy) gamers. It’s the largest building in Asia and the largest casino in the world. The four gaming areas all have different themes, and the hotel tower offers 3,000 suites.

The Ritz Club in London is so exclusive that there is actually an application process to join. It’s well worth the effort. Located in the former ballroom of the hotel, the salon is one of the most elegant rooms in London, featuring daily games of roulette, blackjack, punto banco and poker until 6 a.m.

If you took Las Vegas and put it on the other side of the world, you’d have the Sun City Resort in South Africa. Both the Jungle Casino and Sun City Hotel Casino in the resort offer 852 machines and 38 tables, as well as the Salon Privè for private gambling, and the International Room for ridiculously high stakes playing.

Few things in this world are more decadent than the Trump Taj Mahalin Atlantic City, New Jersey. Even the sheer ostentatiousness of the name hints at the Austrian crystal chandeliers, the 2,010 bedrooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and exclusive, high-limits gaming salon in one of the largest casinos in the world.

You don’t have to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to get a taste of some old-world gambling. Casino-de-Charlevoix, east of Quebec City, isn’t one of the largest casinos in the world – 20 tables and 800 slot machines – but it may be one of the most picturesque and beautiful resorts out there.

You can’t keep Las Vegas off this list, especially not The Cosmopolitan and its 1,478 slot machines and array of classic and challenging table games, like blackjack, roulette and Spanish 21. The Cosmopolitan also offers its very own Casino Cabanas, giving the adventurous gambler a social & gaming experience unlike any other.

The aptly-named Paradise Island is home to the Atlantis Paradise Islandresort in the Bahamas, where rooms cost $25,000 a night and 750 slot machines and over 80 table games – everything from Caribbean Stud Poker to Baccarat are on offer.

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