Ten High Tech Study Tips for the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions are nearly as old as the New Year celebration itself, as people enjoy reflecting upon the previous year and make goals for the future. Self-improvement resolutions rate high on this list, focusing around such topics as losing weight, living healthy lifestyles, and for many both young and old, getting better grades. Fortunately, in recent years, getting a better education has been made easier with the internet. Here are ten high tech study tips for the New Year.

1      Study often.

Good study habits come from studying often, and with so many devices from which to choose, learners can study whenever they have a few moments, thanks to ultrabook PCs, tablets, and smart phones. Waiting for a bus, train, or just between classes? Pull out a favorite web-connected device and begin to read.

2      Research the Facts

In today’s high tech connected world, knowledge is everywhere, so when studying, make sure that facts are well researched. Not only will this prevent falsified information from being passed about, this will allow students to gain more in-depth knowledge about the subject, making learning “sticky.”

3      Take Learning Online

Learning online is available to anyone with an internet connected device, and there is a ton of information on offer. Sites like http://etutorworld.net offer online learning for nearly everyone, starting at the third grade level, for a very minimal cost.

4      Grab an E-book

Nearly every tablet, smart phone, or computer can download e-books, and of course, there are e-Readers available for that specific purpose. The internet has made reading accessible for everyone, and in some cases, books are even available for free. Great for the reading enthusiast who reads book after book, or for the student who needs to read up on a subject for class.

5      Set up Time to Study

This low-tech time management technique is vital to the success for anyone who plans to use high tech to study. Because distance learning can be done anywhere any time, does not mean that people will do so. Putting time on the calendar to study and setting up a place to do so is imperative. Make this high-tech by setting up time in your online calendar to study.

6      Join a Study Group

The internet is full of groups and chat rooms on nearly any subject imaginable. Learning is also doing; talking about what you have learned and exchanging information is an integral part of knowledge transfer. Find a group online that discusses your subject of study and join the conversation.

7      Accommodate Your Learning Style

Everyone learns differently, so knowing what learning style suits a student best is a large part of knowledge transfer. Before choosing study materials, make sure that a learning style quiz is taken. There are many to choose from on the internet. Once a learning style is chosen, make sure that it is taken into consideration. Remember learning is a full contact sport!

8      Online Study Buddies

Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and many others offer both voice and video chat. Instead of instant messaging, set up a time and place to study over video. That way you can share pictures and other data back and forth across video, rather than typing.

9      Touchscreens Are More Than Just Buttons

There are a bunch of apps learners can download onto a tablet. Instead of using reams of paper to figure out math equations, use a handwriting app on your iPad or Android tablet. Look for opportunities to use your touchscreen to get more done.

10   Check Out the Software

The internet has a ton of free software to offer to help do everything from higher math, like Octave, to simple downloadable worksheets for math and spelling.  With a little searching they are easy to find.

There are plenty of high-tech ways to study, and some of them are really fun. Let these tools help you learn something new during the new year, and make that resolution happen.

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