Ten Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes

Kids look forward to Halloween, and parents willingly shell out money for a few hours of trick or treating or a Halloween party. In fact, parents gladly handed over one billion dollars for costumes for the 41.5 million trick or treaters, according to this infographic. With that amount of money, no wonder parents are looking for cheap Halloween costume ideas. Here are ten easy homemade Halloween costumes that will not break the bank this Halloween.

1      The Ghost

This simple costume can be easy and cool, depending upon the effort put into it. Start with a simple sheet, and cut out eye holes. Now, one could stop there and call it a day, but you can also up the scare factor by going to the fabric store and gluing some black mesh to cover up those eye holes. Red food coloring makes for cheap fake blood, while chain links can create some spooky sound effects.

2      Dinner for One

Hungry for a fun Halloween costume? Cut a hole in a red and white checkered table cloth with a hole large enough to poke your head through. Glue on a paper plate and using yarn, make a plate of spaghetti, using a red/brown paint mixture for tomato sauce and brown paint on Styrofoam balls for meatballs. Complete the look with a pot on top of your head, with yard strands of spaghetti.

3      Bunch of Grapes

Take a dark colored (purple) tshirt, and affix already inflated green or purple balloons to the shirt with pins (careful) or hot glue (also be careful) on both front and back. Use a small piece of green fabric affixed to the top of the head with a bobby pin to complete the look.

4      Plastic Building Blocks

Lego enthusiasts will like this easy to make Halloween costume. Assemble a box large enough to put your body in, and cut out the bottom on the short side. On the top side, cut a hole large enough for the head to poke through, and arm holes large enough for the arms. Affix Solo cups to the front of the box (six or eight is suggested for the proper effect) and paint your favorite building block color using a gloss paint. Make a hat in a similar fashion and get ready to have fun!

5      Tube of Toothpaste

Using a king size pillow case, paint on the name of your favorite toothpaste brand and cut out a hole on the top edge of the pillow case large enough to put a head through. “Cap” off the look with a small lampshade and call it a day. Easy and recognizable.

6      Mother Nature

You will fool everyone into thinking you’re Mother Nature with this easy costume. Simply take an older formal dress (you can pick them up on the cheap at your local thrift shop), and cut it into strips as far up as you and your modesty will allow. Find some fake fall leaves at the craft store, and using hot glue, affix them onto your dress. Complete the look with green hairspray, a few more fall leaves in the hair, and a wand, and you will be the belle of the ball.

7      Beekeeper

Pair of white painter’s coveralls and a straw brimmed hat painted white are a great start to this easy to make Halloween costume. Add fabric mesh around the rim of the hat for the mask, and locate the bees at your local craft store. Topped off with a pair of work boots and work gloves, you’ll “bee” fabulous!

8      Jellyfish

This outfit works best with an all-white or all-black clothing ensemble underneath, but anyone should get the idea no matter what clothing is worn with it. Locate a clear umbrella, and mask the wires with white paint. Get some bubble wrap of various bubble sizes and cut them into strips. Glue them onto the bottom rim of the umbrella, and you are done. Move the umbrella up and down to get the motion of the ocean.

9      The Nerd

This costume should be easy to assemble and universally recognized. Short sleeved white shirt, ugly tie, too short pants, and some old oxfords. White socks, slicked back hair and black rimmed glasses complete the look. Sure to at least get you in the front door at the Halloween party.

10   Bubble Bath

Get some cheese cloth from the local craft store and shape it like a poncho. Blow up several dozen small white balloons and affix them to the cheese cloth. Add a hair net with some more balloons, and wear some yellow galoshes, and you’re ready to rock.

Halloween does not need to be expensive with a little imagination. Of course, these ideas provide a nice framework to build a great homemade Halloween costume; it is up to the designer to build on it from there and come up with some great award winning Halloween costumes.

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