Technology to Make the Most of Your NYC Vacation

The city that never sleeps is constantly transforming itself … which means that by the time you arrive, your printed guidebook is probably out of date. Luckily for the Manhattan traveler, there’s a slew of technology to make your trip to the Big Apple everything it should be. ready_new_york_499

Start by downloading the DrinkAdvisor app so you have real-time information on the best dives, pubs, clubs, and lounges in the city as well as a list of favorite cocktails by borough. That should get things started off right.

When you book a shuttle tour — a must no matter how many times you’ve been to New York — do it online so your itinerary, receipts, and bar codes will be at your fingertips. Also consider investing in the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, which can be slipped inside your bag: It constantly monitors where your bags are, and it’s FAA-compliant.

This will ease your worries if your luggage heads in a different direction, and you’ll get a text/email when it arrives. Here are a few more travel-friendly tech gadgets to make your East Coast junket flawless.

The easy traveler

A Music Talking Stylus is small and works with Bluetooth to play music via a small speaker. You can even talk on the phone simultaneously, and it comes complete with a USB-port and headphone jack.

It’s the ultimate mini speaker for travelers on the go: much easier to carry than any other device, and the long-term battery charge guarantees you’ll be entertained for a week in the city.

For the ultimate music buff on the go, check out the Harman NC Headphones, which feature the best in fit, sound, and of course noise cancellation. It’s exactly what you need for a cross-country flight, and the battery life is more than 40 hours, so even long layovers are no problem.

Plus, the Harmans fold completely flat, and that makes them easy to carry. They’re the last travel headphones you’ll ever have to buy.

Stay connected

With the Pocketcell Duo, you can charge just about any smartphone or tablet up to four times. It’s just four inches tall, about the size of a wallet, and quickly charges your gadgets without overcharging them.

You can charge two devices at once, and it comes with a Magic Cable Trio as well as adaptors for the most popular devices. Couple this with the Gamepad Gaming Tablet, which can carry thousands of apps and games, and you’ve got your in-flight entertainment covered.

Finally, no trip to New York is complete without checking out the dining scene, from fine fare to street grub. Pick up the Hapifork, which measures how quickly you eat and keeps you on track. Not even the famous NYC hot dogs, bagels, and pizza are a match for this.


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