Technology, The Internet, and Embracing Change

With regard to technology and the Internet, the forecast for 2020 promises to be an exciting time for many. But dramatic changes are also just over the horizon, and they involve a diversity of areas.

Listed below are some of the top innovations we may be seeing in the very near future.

Expanding centralization

As the Internet becomes a more prominent force in world business, news gathering and dissemination, and personal communication, the giants in the industry will continue to acquire further vehicles for online communication. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the like will not only remain staples in digital industry, but will probably grow even bigger.

The further growth of cloud computing

Despite initial resistance to cloud computing on the part of those who feared its potential impact on data security, it is steadily growing. Onsite servers and IT teams are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more users transition to an off-site, third party agency that stores data for easy access. Consequently, the projection for 2020 is that millions of online users will stow their information on the cloud.

Personal ID numbers

Today, people can identify themselves on the Internet in many different ways. From their email ids to creating their own avatar, online users choose what they want to be known by.

The landscape may be different in 2020 because some countries are planning to implement a personal ID number to use the Internet. The purpose of the ID is to minimize security risks and similar problems.

Going mobile and the Internet

Due to all the advances in mobile phone technology, the smartphone has been transformed from a device for person-to-person communication into an all-in-one resource. Today, IT developers all over the world are participating in global initiatives that are taking the technology to even newer levels.

The primary goal is to make the mobile phone even more mobile. It will be used by nearly everyone to access the Internet, conduct business activities, pay for purchases, find directions from one destination to another, and choose the best places to eat and play.

Internet-friendly devices and processes

As if the world didn’t already spend too much time on the Internet, additional options and alternatives for using the Web are coming everyone’s way. Plans call for connecting the Internet to even more devices.

The upcoming trends focus on making all sorts of equipment and appliances more net-friendly (for example, microwaves, sofas, etc.). In addition to manufacturing net-friendly devices, more companies will also be participating in net-friendly processes.

For instance, instead of the norm being shopping in person, grocery stores will push online shopping as a better alternative.

Since the advent of the Internet, monumental changes have occurred in virtually every industry. From changing the way people communicate with one another to making it easier to generate income from home, technology and the Internet have been a winning combination.

Though future changes cannot all be predicted, they are undoubtedly on the way. So developments by the year 2020 promise to be not only interesting and useful but also dramatic.

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