Technology Opens the Door for Indie Authors

It has never been a better time to be an independent author who is self-publishing their own books. Nowadays, not only do these indie authors have the ability to write their own books, but with advances in modern technology, they also have the ability to have full control over printing, marketing and publishing. No longer do they have to spend hours writing their manuscript only to get it rejected by every publisher they submit it to. The traditional world of publishing has been tipped upside down as technology has given writers the ability to be publishers as well.


One phenomenon that has helped indie authors gain popularity is the increase in the number of electronic books, or e-books. Since e-books are generally less expensive to produce than printed books, these electronic books do not cost as much as printed ones, which saves money for the writer, consumer and publisher.

Around 2007, businesses and bookstores like Barnes & Noble, caught onto the e-book fad and opened their own virtual bookstores. Eventually, these companies developed their own e-book readers. For instance, Barnes & Noble came up with the Nook, and their e-books are now known as nook books. E-books are now so popular that even the New York Times has separate lists for both fiction and nonfiction best-selling e-books.


Thanks to social media and the advance of the World Wide Web, marketing books has never been easier for indie authors. Social media sites provide a way for indie authors to spread the word about their newly written, self-published book without ever having to leave their home office.

Something independent authors might need to keep in mind, however, is that while social media sites are an easy way to market their downloadable e-books, they still need to market their printed copies. A few ways to do this might be writing a press release or holding a book signing at a local bookstore. Regardless of how independent authors go about marketing their book, one thing is certain: Just like they were able to write and create their own book, it is up to them to promote their own work. Listed below are five more ways indie authors can promote their books:

  • Make videos on YouTube
  • Say yes to public speaking gigs
  • Make media appearances
  • Write a personal blog and write for other blogs

Selling Books Online

While many independent writers and self-publishers opt to go through websites like Amazon to sell their e-books, many of them have printed copies of their books they sell wherever they go. Another way independent authors sell their books is directly over their own websites. In order to increase their sales, many authors and self-publishers accept credit cards online. By getting set up with a service that offers the acceptance of credit cards, authors also set themselves up for success by having the ability to use their mobile phone and even their iPad to accept payments.

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