Surveys Help Measure Brand Loyalty

Good customer service is one of the most important features any business must have if it wants to be a success. It takes much less investment to keep customers than it does to find new ones, and customer loyalty is a leading indicator of business growth. Surveys are one way to help businesses monitor:

• Customer retention and defection rates

• New customers

• The average revenue per user

Measuring Customer Relationship

Surveys are one of the most frequent means a company uses to assess customer loyalty. Surveys usually consist of questions that indicate the customers’ likelihood of brand loyalty such as:

• Would you recommend Name of Company to your friends?

• Do you buy several different products from Name of Company?

• Are you considering switching to another provider?

• How did you find us?

Surveys are a quick and easy way to get customer feedback and loyalty data that is received in real-time. Many companies only evaluatecustomer satisfaction at the end of a quarter through defections or repurchase rates. Surveys may also cover a wide range of customer experience such as satisfaction with a product, service or support system.

Surveys also allow a company to deal with any dissatisfied customers quickly. How a company deals with a customer who has a negative experience can make or break their reputation. It allows managers to monitor their team to make sure they are delivering the best possible experience to each customer.

Right or Wrong the Customer Is Always Right

Whether or not the customer’s complaints are justified, the customer needs to receive positive attention, feel they have been heard and that some action was taken. Surveys enable this because they are usually submitted at the time of the interaction with the company.

Some of the most popular templates for customer satisfaction surveys are:

• Ask the customer how your company compares to your competitors

• Ask the customer how they were treated by your personnel

• Ask the customer if their expectations are met by your product

Other Uses for Surveys

Surveys help you know what your customers are thinking. This will give you the opportunity to answer their questions or dispel their fears before they become a problem. If your business has a blog, you can use it to answer the concerns expressed in the survey and give confidence to your customers.

There may be aspects of your customer service or product that you overlook. Surveys will bring any such areas into clear focus, so you can correct them.

When you learn through a survey where your customers hear about your business, you can adjust your marketing and sales efforts in the right direction and not waste resources in other areas.

Most people don’t speak up when they are dissatisfied with a product or service. They simply move to another company and never even find out how the original company would have handled their complaint. Surveys, in which the customer’s experience is valued, show that the company may go the extra mile to make sure each customer is happy.

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