SubPac: a Speaker That Changes How We Experience Music

We’ve all gotten used to experiencing music that’s enhanced by a visual component, whether it’s the oscillating shapes and colors on the simple visualizers on audio players like iPods or a commercial or fan-made music video. But what if you could actually feel the music as you listened to it?

Morphing sound and touch

Last year, with the help of an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, the SubPac speaker was born. The concept is simple: to create a physical experience when you listen to music with a wearable speaker. Now you can have the intense feeling of bass that happens at concerts right in your own home.

How SubPac could juice the music industry

The SubPac was created for DJs, music producers, and even the average music lover. In the professional world, the SubPac lets musicians physically feel the balance or imbalance in a song, which will give them the ability to monitor low frequencies without having to play the song loudly.

That way you can mix audio at any time of the day or night without disturbing the people around you. And because it’s portable, you can take it anywhere.

Why you just might buy a SubPac even if you aren’t a musician

Obviously the SubPac has a lot to offer musicians, DJs, and sound engineers, but there are plenty of reasons that just plain music lovers might like to invest in one, too.

The physical impact of the SubPac speaker gives listeners an entirely new experience with music. The wearable speaker lets you experience music in a new way, so it will be like hearing to your favorite songs for the first time again.

Listening to music already has long-acknowledged benefits, such as improving your focus, memory, and overall mental health, but this new physical component could greatly enhance those benefits.

If you listen to music to help you calm down and relax, actually feeling the music can enhance the process and help you relax even more.

After its release, SubPac sold out of the first production run, but limited pre-orders are available now for the second run, which should become available in the early months of 2014.

This kind of innovation, which combines sound with physical sensations, could change how we develop music in the future, and how we experience it. It’s a perfect gadget for professionals and music lovers alike.

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