Stock Exchange Games to Dominate

There’s a reason kids’ lessons are always hidden in the joys of a game: When you enjoy what you’re doing, learning it is easier. However, this truth doesn’t end when you’re an adult. If you’re interested in finding out more about stock exchange, there’s a plethora of stock exchange virtual games to dabble in. Some are free, some are easier than others, and some are designed by the best brokers in the business. Why risk real money before you understand all the rules?

Of course, once you’re ready to really invest, nothing compares to getting advice from reputable brokers and financial advisors. They’re who you need to ask when you’re debating investing in Amazon or wondering about penny stocks. But you’re not ready for that yet. Get your feet wet by dabbling in some of the most popular stock games out there.

Who needs Angry Birds when you can learn genuine skills while still having a blast?

Maass a Period Econ

It doesn’t have the best name, but you get $100,000 in virtual money to start and it maxes out at 27 players at any given time. The game ends in December and started August 22, so you can still get in on the ground floor. So far, investing in Moelis & Co. has paid off handsomely but Google and Apple investors are taking a hit. Can you make the game more interesting?

Wall Street Survivor

This free game offers endless freebie white papers and quizzes so you can hone your skills while you invest your digital cash. Earn badges after you master different skills, and even take free e-courses led by experts. There are thousands of new articles and videos uploaded daily (yes, daily), so it’s like the investment course riddled with games you wish you took in college.

How the Market Works

Geared towards beginners and a favorite for teachers, you can customize your own game dynamics. Start with anywhere from $25,000 to $1 million and you have ETFs, stocks and mutual funds at your disposal. It’s free and you can even design your own games, then invite friends to play along. It’s like a virtual stock circle, so you don’t just learn from your own moves but those of people you actually know.


This virtual trade company has been helping people learn stocks via games for 25 years. There are separate tracks for students, individuals and corporations, plus it’s free. Sometimes a proven track is the best way to get started.

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