Should You Jump Into Home Automation?

Home automation isn’t a wave of the future, it’s already here. Increasingly, homes feature toys and gadgets designed to make domestic life easier while linking control of various house functions to your tablet or smartphone.

The most expensive home overlooking the water in the San Francisco Bay is 100 percent automated, and the most expensive home sold to date in the UK sported such a high price partly because it also featured total home automation. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to automate your home.

If you’re a techie who loves your gadgets solar powered and you’re always on the hunt for the latest device, why not make your home match your geek-chic style? Whether you rent an apartment or own a couple of investment properties, you can install many automation features.

For example, it’s fairly affordable to link the fireplace to your smartphone or exercise control over music and lighting from a tablet. Cherry-pick the automation that matters to you.

Learn from other’s mistakes

While it might be exciting to be one of the first people with an automated home, there will certainly be kinks to work out. Since when has technology ever gotten it right on the very first try?

You will undoubtedly encounter unexpected flaws, and the devices may not work as perfectly as you’d hoped, so you can decide whether to wait until you’re in the solid position of having all those bugs worked out before you jump on board.

Home automation may be convenient, but some people also worry about potential security risks. Already, 2014 has been a banner year for significant viruses and hacks, with Heartbleed leading the way.

Are you sure you’re ready to put all of your home’s functions and access under the control of electronics? This is one shift that might be better via a slow-and-steady, dip-your-toe-in-first approach.

How to geek out your home

Whether you rent or own, slowly adding technology to your home is probably a smarter move than going all in at once. Maybe you’ll get the latest e-reader to read recipes in the kitchen.

Maybe you’re after a gadget to open your garage door remotely, or heat the living room to a comfortable level before you get home. You know what type of technology would truly make your life better.

Homeowners with a green thumb might be more interested in remotely watering their plants or taking care of the sprinkler system in the yard. Take your time with home automation; dabble and see what works best for you.


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