Shopping for Your Special Geek

It may seem like the geek in your life is totally open to all kinds of toys, gadgets and geeky apparel. However, unless you share very similar interests, this can also be an overwhelming shopping experience. Are they super into coding or have a strong opinion on Star Wars vs. Star Trek? Do they already have the gadget you’re considering or would they not be caught dead with an Apple product? Suddenly what you thought would be an easy shopping experience turns into a nightmare.

Plus, shopping for geek-centric materials can also be surprisingly expensive. Start narrowing down your choices by pinpointing the best electronic sales, which can often happen in the autumn as new devices and promotions arrive. Timing is everything, and Labor Day dishes up some incredible savings. But now here’s the tough part: Making your decision.

Your mission…

A genuine geek is going to be pretty open about what they’re smitten with, and you can also tell a lot from their home. In fact, the best way to optimize your gift giving prowess (no matter who the recipient) is simply to listen. People are very verbal about what they like, but you might need to read between the lines or just practice active listening. Maybe your special someone has mentioned how much they adored a certain 80s cartoon and you know they have a penchant for collectible action figures, so put two and two together.

Someone will also tell you right away if they’re a gamer, into cosplay, deep into Orphan Black or whatever else they have a thing for. The geek niche is a big one, and chances are there’s a brand new product on the market they haven’t got their hands on yet. If possible, talk to a brick and mortar geek store owner in your town, or touch base with an e-commerce store for recommendations.

Presentation skills

To really pack a punch, dress up your gift with an appropriate bag, tissues or wrapping paper. Recipients first must judge a gift by its cover and if you show off your geeky side in the presentation, that can make a huge difference. While there’s certainly an element of surprise in going the other direction (or, like some geeky men, not wrapping a gift at all), at the very least this is an excuse to add to your eclectic gift paper collection.


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