Have you found yourself kicking back with your iPhone, on the beach with the sun setting and the wind blowing gently at your back, and realizing that you don't have a bottle opener handy to open that cool bottle you just pulled out of the ice box or cooler? It's a situation that happens more often than not, it seems, and the folks over at Head Case have decided to take it upon themselves to fill the void left by other iPhone cases that simply can't open bottles on their own.

The case's new feature, its bottle opener, is stainless steel and designed to last you through all the bottles to come during the lifetime of your iPhone bottle opener case. The case itself is made from a durable hard shell ABS plastic case, meaning that your iPhone is safe and secure from accidental falls, bumps, or scrapes when you're opening bottles. The case also features slip resistant rubber so it's not flying out of your hands each and every time you open a slipper bottle to the amusement and delight of your friends. HeadCase will even throw in a free app with the purchase of your bottle opener hard shell case, giving the case a digital value as well. Never be without a bottle opener again (as long as you have your phone, that is) with the HeadCase Hard Case and Bottle Opener!

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