Giant Headphone Speakers

Whether you are a technology enthusiast, or you are just looking for the perfect gift for the gadget geek in your life, the 500XL Desktop Speakers by Fred offer the perfect combination of utility and tongue-in-cheek style. These speakers are an exact replica of the iconic iPod earbuds, only magnified 500 times for use with a multitude of products. Plug them in to your desktop or laptop for great sound and techno-geek style on your desk. You can even use them in your CD player or MP3 player to amplify your music throughout a room while appearing cheekily ironic.

The 500XL Desktop Speakers have a built in amplifier. This device can be powered by batteries or through your computer via USB cable. This product also includes a 3.5mm audio input cable, which allows you to connect it to your iPod or phone. Although 500 times the size of your average ear buds, these are still very portable, weighing in at just over a pound. Tote them along to your next party and show your friends just how tuned in to the tech world you are. These speakers are sure to be a conversation starter no matter where you choose to use them.

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