Iron Man LED Shirt

The Iron Man LED T-Shirt is a great addition for the imaginative minds of kids (and adults). It could keep the metal pieces out of your heart with its reactor power and send out great blasts of repulsor beams if only it was the real thing.

Well, it will glow in the dark with its light-up abilities with the help of the battery powered Arc Reactor for several hours. It is a comfortable black cotton t-shirt with a hidden battery box to hold the three AAA batteries that power the incredible Arc Reactor.

The electrical components easily come out to make this fun and exciting t-shirt completely machine washable. Afterwards, they easily pop back in for more exciting adventures in saving the world!

This t-shirt has the following features:

. Marvel collectable item (licensed)
. Arc Reactor that lights up and glows when the power is on
. Cotton exterior and a comfortable flexible interior
. Washable when the electrical components are removed
. 3 AAA batteries required (they are not included)

It only takes loads of imagination to enjoy this quality t-shirt. It is designed to protect you and take you to the heights of being that super-human person that will try to save the world!

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