Futurama Hoodie

Futurama, a show that has been, like many relationships, on-again off-again since 1999, has been renewed for its seventh season for the summer of 2012. For any true fan of this television show the triumph of its continuation is hard to express in simple words. A great way to show such devotion is to purchase and wear merchandise that not only proclaims your dedication to the series, but also serves as advertisement for the show itself. Although this may seem distasteful to some, helping to spread and broadcast the show to people who may not have seen it could help the show become stronger. The more viewers the show has the longer it will continue to be aired.

The Futurama Planet Express hoodie is stamped with the official seal of the company founded by Professor Farnsworth on the television show. The cut of the hoodie is simple and of a traditional style, making the logo the important and notable part of top. Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, the creators of The Simpsons, have turned another cartoon into a masterpiece that people would not be afraid to show off. Of course, the hoodie is not the only piece of merchandise one can purchase for the show. Watching the antics of Philip J. Fry, Leela and Bender, has made every purchase of Futurama merchandise worthwhile. The Planet Express Hoodie is a way to show a fan's true dedication to the show.

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