The Morning Mug is the best cup for beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, coffee and more. Not only do they make great, unique gifts, but they make your morning a little bit brighter. A morning mug is a typical mug holding nine ounces. What's so unique about it? When you pour a cold drink in it, the mug turns dark and shows a sleeping face. When you put in a hot drink, it turns white and "wakes up", featuring a happy face. It's great for those who love to drink coffee, tea or any other beverages in the morning. Best of all, it's different from any other morning mugs and is perfect for when guests come over! It holds a large amount of drink and stays the same color until it changes from hot to cold! Get rid of your typical, boring morning mugs and purchase these fun face and color changing mugs for a great start to your morning

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