Replacing Your DVR With Your Smart Phone

It is always interesting to watch as some new rise in technology merges ideas to produce an even more powerful technological result than existed just last year. With the advent of the smart phone, these mergers are not only natural, but they are occurring at such a rapid pace it is difficult to keep up with all the change in technology that is being generated because of it. Sure, your smart phone can grab hold of an app and become your television remote, start your car, and you can even order cable service, manage your account, and update what services you want, but is it reasonable to start talking about your smart phone replacing your DVR?

You might be thinking that replacing your DVR with your smart phone is an idea that is a little far fetched. Not because it is so hard to accept that you can watch videos on your smart phone, but because of another problem with mobile devices. Apps already exist that allow the smart phones people use today to store and play videos of entire movies. Where smart phones would seem to come up a little short is in the memory department. There simply isn’t any where close to as much stable memory in your smart phone as exists in your DVR. But, what if all that changes very soon?

Rethinking The Memory Problem

It is easy to put some memory on a smart phone, but what if your smart phone could literally hold terabyte after terabyte worth of memory? Not only would your smart phone quickly replace your DVR, but it would also have the capacity to become a virtual library of information so large it is almost hard to believe that such an advancement in technology is even possible. That is to say, without dramatically increasing the size of a smart phone to becoming rather large and bulky. Yet, as strange as this may seem, this feat may be reached sooner than the general public may be aware. A company called Crossbar inc. is already actively developing memory chips that are the size of a stamp, and equally thin, which will hold a terabyte of information on a newly designed stable memory chip.

The Coming Changes

Since these newly designed chips are made to be stackable, people may be walking around with smart phones that end up making our modern cloud infrastructure virtually obsolete over night. In other words, your smart phone will not only become your DVR, it will also be able to simultaneously serve other interesting functions as well, simply because the problems with low memory storage will have been eliminated. In like manner, the storage capacity of larger mobile devices, such as tablets, will become way more powerful as well. Such an advancement in technology is so significant, it could create an entirely new tech revolution in just the mobile device realm of technology alone. This means more of our every day objects will be able to communicate and store information on a whole new level.

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