Remedies from Natural Sources

With a growing general decline in trust in traditional medicine, many people are turning to alternative natural medical practices. Rejecting chemical solutions forged in a lab, patients are becoming more interested in ancient and alternative remedies and what they term a more natural path to health. The idea of hacking out body parts is now being seen as something patients only want as a last resort. Otherwise, the practice is being considered by many to be a form of nonessential medical barbarism.

In a sense, it is believed that it is more natural for the body to remain as in tact as humanly possible. In response to this shift in how people view the role of medicine in their daily lives, more and more patient websites are developed to market an appealing natural approach to those in need of medical attention. In a movement of medical enlightenment, doctors and patients alike are turning natural medical practices into a vehicle for change throughout the medical community. For some this is an answer to expensive mainstream treatments, which often leave a patient dependent or addicted to drugs for an indefinite period of time. But, what kinds of treatments are being used in natural medicine to get people well?

Types of Treatment Options

It used to be that mainstream doctors practiced one type of medicine and natural healers practiced another. Today, more and more natural-based medical healers are also obtaining traditional medical degrees. This is not only to ensure that they have a more well-rounded perspective on their patient’s needs, but also to counteract the idea that natural medicine is born purely out of pseudo-scientific methods. Aside from being able to offer a patient all the usual mainstream medical advice, many of these dually trained medical practitioners are also able to bring other types of options to the table.

From acupuncture to herbal remedies, the realm of alternative medicine is replete with a number of safer treatment options for a variety of common ailments. In addition, the approach of basic alterations in a patients use of diet and nutrition have become powerful methods of healing. In many cases, the modern scientific literature is standing to prove many nutritional and dietary approaches to addressing illness and medical disorders actually work.

The Dangers to Mainstream Medicine

Though dietary changes and the use of herbs can occasionally be dangerous, these options are generally non-addictive as is the case with so many common drugs. Since the patient does not need to purchase these items with a perscription, this is potentially threatening to the viability of mainstream medicine. The big pharmasutical companies, as well as the doctors who push their drugs, stand to lose loads of money as patients take advantage of safer, non-addictive alternatives to mainstream medical practices.

According to an article by Doctor Mercola, prescription drugs are now responsible for more deaths than illegal drugs. Perhaps the real reason natural medicine is thriving today, is because people are becoming more aware that mainstream medicine is posing a greater threat to the broader public’s health than ever before.

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