Reasons to Attend a Local Piano like Jolly’s Piano Bar in Philadelphia

Piano bars may not be your first choice for Saturday night entertainment, but if you enter one just once, you’ll realize almost instantly that it’s the place to be. Piano bars have been around for a long time. Not only are they great live entertainment, but they’re a great way to experience familiar songs in new styles and a new atmosphere. Piano bars like Jolly’s Piano Bar in Philadelphia are certain to provide you with a great time.


The Dueling Piano Bar Atmosphere

Areas like Las Vegas, New York and Missouri have always had dueling piano bars, but only recently has the rest of the United States caught on to this exciting trend. Dual piano bars are centered on two grand pianos positioned back to back, and the players then play songs by audience request. Playing an audience request typically results in a cash tip, and these can range from $1 to $100 depending on how much the requester wants to hear the song.


The players take turns, and as in the big-band challenges of the jazz years, the goal at dueling piano bars is to see which player knows the most songs and gets the crowd the most excited. Players put their own spin on the songs they play and focus on classics they think or know that the crowd will love. And the crowds get into it, too, singing and dancing along and even booing if they don’t like the song or how it’s played. On a good night, a dueling piano bar is an exciting place to be.


Dance, Drink and Listen

Piano bars offer what other bars and clubs cannot. Since your typical night club requires you to dance to hip hop or house music all night and your regular bar is meant more for drinking and pool, your options for the night are frequently limited. Piano bars, on the other hand, incorporate the best of all worlds. At a piano bar, you can dance if you want, drink and socialize with friends, or just sit and listen to the music. There’s no wrong or right way to enjoy a piano bar, and you just might find yourself singing along.


More Mature Crowds

Piano bar patrons are typically more mature than your regular bar or night club crowd. The atmosphere is friendly and people socialize together over song choices. If you are looking for a night away from the younger crowds, piano bars are great places to be. Bars like Jolly’s Piano Bar in Philadelphia offer weeknight specials and featured players, so if you like what you see you can come back the next week to see the same pianist dueling another partner. Most likely you will run into the same patrons as well, which makes the piano bar experience familiar and comforting.

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