Planning a Tropical Trip? 5 Tips for Your Vacation

Are you ready to take that tropical trip at last? Whether you’re headed to the Caribbean, Indonesia, or some other exotic location, plan for a tropical vacation the right way. The more you know before you leave, the better prepared you’ll be!

1. Pick the right clothing

Clothing is very important when you’re visiting a tropical locale. You should not just pack your favorite swimsuits and loose clothing; think about what you need first.

Take a combination of beach and town clothing. Remember that many tropical areas can get hit by rainstorms, even in the most pleasant season. It’s also worthwhile to look up dress standards for any country you visit: some may have prohibitions against certain types of clothing, such as camo styles.

2. Spend some time on your health

Tropical vacations can raise lots of health questions. Investigate the area you’ve chosen and see what preparation is suggested. You may need to go in for inoculation against some of the more virulent diseases in the area.

Make sure that your health information is easy to reach. Thanks to electronic medical record advances, most hospitals should be able to request your data if necessary, but it’s nice to confirm. Study up on the local wildlife and what dangerous diseases and infections may be waiting for unwary tourists, too.

3. Save for Internet access

Internet access tends to be a challenge in tropical areas, even at the most luxurious resorts. If you want privacy, you may have to go without Internet.

While other locations may have Wi-Fi access, you will typically have to pay for it, and rates can be high, even for a quick email check. Make Internet access a part of your trip budgeting to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Prepare for lots of sun and water

Tropical destinations typically feature plenty of sun and lots of water. So don’t forget to bring suntan lotion and mosquito spray for protection as well as the basics you may need for swimming, such as goggles.

However, if you want to add in some hiking, remember to pack high-quality, comfortable shoes, too.

5. People or privacy? Choose one

Tropical destinations tend to be either extremely private or very busy. When planning your vacation, you may need to choose between the most famous resorts and the most secluded, which are usually more difficult to reach.

Start by setting your priorities. This will makes all your future decisions much easier when planning your itinerary.

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