Online Health Sites Help People Seek Medical Care


In the past, if you had a medical concern or a question regarding medication, supplements, or treatment alternatives, you’d have to make an appointment and wait anywhere from hours to days to get answers. The inconvenience may have prevented many people from getting timely medical care or advice.

Today, with the massive amount of information to be found on the Internet, not only can consumers get pointed in the right direction, but they also have the opportunity to talk with a professional in a timely manner.

Many sites offer checklists and symptom checkers

One of the best features about online medical sites are the self-assessments that can assist you with determining whether you might have a particular condition and require medical intervention.’s diabetes awareness test is an excellent example.

When consumers are informed about a common illness such as diabetes, they can become proactive about treating the disease or preventing it. The Journal of Medical Internet Research notes that an increase in mental health problems has occurred among teens in recent years.

The positive side is that more people are becoming more active in managing their health.

Online doctors and health sites mean instant access

When a layperson has a question about a health issue, easy access to professional assistance can make a world of difference. It can be as simple as looking for a home remedy for warts to a more serious matter, such as what needs to be done after receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

According to the American Cancer Society, the Internet offers a wealth of information that provides patients and their families with reasons for hope. When cancer victims need to know about alternative treatments, effective measures they can take to deal with their symptoms, or how to arrange for a better quality of life, they can find answers quickly and easily. The same holds true for a host of other medical issues.

Online health resources could actually save lives

When doctors and health organizations can be contacted via any mobile device or personal computer, timely information can be pulled up in a life-or-death situation. The School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison credits a new eSchoolCare site with the potential to help school nurses to save lives.

In the case of students who have chronic illnesses or a serious health crisis, nurses need to be given the right instructions immediately to intervene successfully. Many websites have this potential.

When a crisis arises, people can seek answers. They can get advice that’s precisely what they need to help a victim hold on until paramedics arrive.

The same holds true when unfamiliar symptoms occur. Internet health sites can lead to a possible diagnosis and the suggestion to seek help from the experts.

While the Internet can never replace a live doctor, it’s a ready resource that can assist consumers in making informed decisions. Online health sites are highly beneficial. However, people need to make sure they consult reputable sources.

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