Nobody’s Too Old for Kaiju Dolls


You may not have loved the film Pacific Rim, but there was something innately lovable about that giant Kaiju that made you just want to cuddle it. Some people might believe that Guillermo del Toro has been off his streak since his Pan’s Labyrinth days, but just because his latest offering wasn’t a blockbuster hit doesn’t mean there aren’t fans of individual slices of the movie

And specifically, the Kaiju. Patrick Dougan, the man behind Suddenly Monsters, took it upon himself to unleash a hoard of the film’s cuddly creatures on the world.

There were other monsters in the film who didn’t have cuddly counterparts for purchase (until now). Dougan obliged by dreaming up a cuddly Scunner, and it’s been a web smash hit.

His company is known for producing “all things nerdy,” including a slew of amigurumi dolls. Translated to “knitted stuffed doll” in Japanese, amigurumi are usually figures styled off of chibi influences, complete with big heads and tiny bodies.

Here’s why you should own one.

Equal parts monster and lover

Hardly anybody can resist the appeal of amigurumi style. There are scores of Etsy designers stitching up these dolls, but none have tackled del Toro’s creations quite like Dougan.

His 15-inch Scunner (Scottish for “strong, sickening dislike”) is clearly the big winner. Dougan says he got started when “a few years ago, I was wanting to make some really unique presents for people,” and when his sister showed him the crocheting basics, he was hooked.

How does someone get started if he or she wants to try? “YouTube also really helped when it came to learning the basics. Seeing someone performing the action is a lot easier to understand than just reading them from a book. From there I went on to modifying patterns I could find online and, after a lot of practice, started coming up with my own,” Dougan says.

If you really fall in love, starting your own manufacturing company is the next step, which is where Dougan soon found himself.

The making of a Kaiju

Using photos, Dougan says Kaiju was pretty much a lot of trial and error. It takes about 11 hours to make a doll, and “sometimes it can be longer for more detailed or complex stuff.”

However, he insists that, even as a business owner, this is “completely a labor of love.” Once you find you can do what you love for profit, however, that’s a dream come true.

“What I think makes these things valuable isn’t the cost but the amount of time and effort that goes into each.” You may not be skilled enough to make a doll, but that’s a reminder that the best gifts are from the heart.

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