Moving PODS – Is The System More Ideal Than The Traditional Moving Companies?

The thought of moving to a new location is always fraught with excitement. Nevertheless, most movers hate the fact that they have to ship their household or office items to wherever they are moving. While most people opt for traditional moving companies where they get people to come over to their house to help them move, there is now a better and more convenient way of moving; PODS.


What Are PODS?


The term PODS stands for Portable on Demand Storage. Simply put, PODS are a portable moving and self storage solution that gives movers a hassle free and secure moving solution.


PODS as opposed to a traditional moving company?




Convenience is key when it comes to moving. This is especially so if one has to take kids and pets along. Of all the moving options available, PODS are the most ideal. This is because the PODS containers are delivered to your location, and you are allowed ample time to pack. Once you are done packing, you contact the PODS Company and a team is dispatched to your location to transport the container to your moving location. With the pod container in your location, the last thing you have to worry about is the danger it poses to your kids or pets. This is because it is placed on level ground and you can easily walk in and out as you pack your household goods.




The PODS system is currently available in three countries; Canada, Australia and the United States. This may look like a large reach, but the PODS system has its limitations. Referring to the PODS website, the PODS system offers its moving services to more than 200 million people in over 20,000 cities located in at least 58 states, territories and provinces. This means that the PODS system can help one move from coast to coast across the USA. However, there are an estimated 357 million inhabitants in the three states the system is available. This means that at least 157 million people cannot use the PODS system. This interprets to at least 44% of the population. While PODS are ideal, there is still room for improvement as there is 44% of untapped market.




The PODS system may not be ideal for people moving on a small budget. However, affordability does not always equal the cost when all factors are put into consideration. People moving inter-city can best benefit from moving PODS. They may just skate on a few hundred dollars in transportation and storage charges.  If one was to use the normal moving companies, moving and storage could set then back a few thousand dollars.




Comparing PODS with the other conventional moving services is like comparing oranges to apples; there is absolutely no relation. Using PODS will mean that the client will be doing all the packing on their own. The other alternatives offer personnel to help with the packing at a cost. However, packing the PODS container is not hard as it is set on level ground. It is, therefore, up to an individual to decide on the most ideal means of moving. No one system is better than the other; they all come with pros and cons.  The only thing that matters is the mover’s preference.

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