Mediation for Legal Separations Become More Popular

Divorce has always been costly for both parties. In an unstable economy, many former couples are looking for alternatives to expensive divorce lawyers and a contentious trial process. One alternative that has come up in the past few years is mediation. In mediation, a separating or divorcing couple work with a mediator to come up with a settlement agreement that reflects all aspects of their separation or divorce.

On the Rise

All over the country, more separating and divorcing couples are choosing to divide their property by themselves. This is in part due to an unsure economy that left many couples without the financial leverage that they had prior to the 2008 collapse.

This Denver Post article shows how separated and divorced couples in the state of Colorado dealt with new trends in this arena. According to the article, separation agreements were filed in 72 percent of divorces in 2011, up from 2007″s figures of 60 percent.

Elsewhere in this country, mediation as a legal process is rapidly becoming accepted as a viable means to settle disputes in areas like commercial law. In the past few years, matrimonial disputes have been added to the fast-growing list of possible mediation areas.

Why Mediation is Becoming Popular

As stated before, the economy had a large role in making mediation more popular for separating couples. The retainers of divorce lawyers are tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum. In a time when many Americans are unemployed or underemployed, many separating couples cannot afford pricey divorce lawyers to help them divvy up their assets. While the Denver Post article states that there is a downward trend in divorce rates, many couples are choosing to go the mediation route rather than stay together in the rough terrains of a recovering economy.

The Benefits of Mediation

While mediation is often a good online casino dgfev solution for separating couples, this is not always the case. If you sense that the divorce proceedings will be contentious due to a difficult spouse, complicated assets or a complex child custody battle, you and your spouse should take your case before a judge, who can better handle such difficult situations.

According to Forbes magazine, mediation can provide benefits for the following reasons:

  • It can make divorce easier on your children since there is no contentious trial.
  • It can cut costs.
  • You and your spouse can expedite a settlement.


The Financial Benefits of Mediation

According to the Buffalo Law Journal, mediation can make divorce and separations cost up to 50 percent lower than those that go to trial. This is an important statistic as 95 percent of all divorces end in a settlement anyway.

What a mediator does for legal separation is help both parties understand all aspects of the process, whether they be legal, parental or financial in nature. The mediation trend is bound to go upward in the next few years as more and more couples decide not to stay together in this fraught economy. It is fast becoming an accepted way to end a matrimonial relationship in the United States, so the more that is known about the process, the better.

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