Keys to Commercial Landscaping


Landscaping for your business, no matter what type of it is do, is one key to attracting and keeping customers or clients. Landscaping is one of the first things people will notice about a property, and good landscaping naturally puts many at ease and conveys the sense that your business is successful and you know what you’re doing. There are several things to keep in mind when landscaping for a business, here’s a short list of just a few.

Have a Good Plan

Having a plan for your commercial landscaping is very important going in. Landscaping can be considered a form of advertising for your business, and bad landscaping can be a serious black eye. Choosing to use a professional service to landscape your commercial location is a great way to go. This service will ensure your business’ landscaping looks great by bringing in professionals of all types including designers, architects, contractors and more to bring the project together.

Low Maintenance Plants

Low maintenance plants are a must for any business, as little attention will be given to the landscaping once it is completed. Hardy varieties of trees, shrubs, and grass are the best choices. Go for plants that can withstand cold and lack of water.

You should also consider the amount of sunlight an area will receive before making choices, as some plants prefer full sun, while others can survive while being in the shade much of the time. Evergreen trees and shrubs make excellent choices as well, as the fact that they do not lose their leaves in the fall creates less of a cleanup hassle each year. Grass should be selected on the basis of being resistant to foot traffic, and of a variety that thrives in your specific climate and soil type.

Irrigation and Drainage

Depending on your area, your landscaping will need help with drainage, irrigation, or both. Irrigation should be set up so that it requires a minimum effort. Ground laid soaker hoses are a great choice for flower beds, as simply turning on the spigot (or having it on a timer) will increase the effectiveness of the water since it is applied close to the roots.

For grass areas, an in-ground sprinkler system on a timer is the best way to go. Such a system requires next to no effort on behalf of anyone once it is installed, and assures adequate watering of all grass when installed correctly. In rainy areas soil which drains effectively is especially important. When planting ensure that plants are planted in a raised area so that excess water can drain away, and use a potting mix or soil designed for water drainage if necessary.


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