Infographic How-to: The Frozen Screen Computer Prank

Hoping to liven up another boring shift at the cubicle farm while also managing to frustrate unsuspecting coworkers? If so, this visual how-to guide for simulating a frozen computer screen should go along way towards accomplishing that goal. Should any of your coworkers have a history of violence towards inanimate objects–for instance, punching the photocopier when it jams–proceed with caution, this prank could lead to physical outbursts and/or damaged electronics.

Looking for a safe-yet-hilarious prank to pull on your unsuspecting coworker?

Imagine this: your target shows up at his desk after a 15-minute break. Everything looks normal. He begins to click an icon to bring up a program. It does nothing. Perplexed, he shifts his focus to the Start Menu. It won’t start.

Believing his computer is frozen, he restarts it. Everything is the same. Just as he furiously reaches for the phone to call tech support, you let out a devious chuckle – score one point for the prankster.

via EQA Office Furniture

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