Including a Bar in Your Home Remodeling Plan


Adding a bar as part of a home remodeling plan is becoming a popular trend for homeowners around the globe. This trend is occurring for several reasons. Not only will the home appear more festive and offer more in terms of hosting friends and family, it will also add value to the home in certain situations. There are many practical locations for installing a permanent bar, but the most practical upgrade of all may be purchasing aportable bar that can be moved to any particular location. Portable bars with the right design are more versatile, as they can be transported to other locations for special events.

Creating the Bar Room Effect

Of course, one of the main reasons people want a bar in their home is establishing the “bar room feel” in a specific area of the house. While in-house bars may be the most popular, possibilities range from an old garage to an outside pool house. Bars are also popular additions to any man cave motif. Building a permanent bar is restrictive in many respects, and once again the portable bar can make much more sense. This is especially true in a spacious home with various entertainment locations. Portable bars also include the utility of outdoor use, so they can be used virtually anywhere. Do not rule out the possibility ofbuilding your own custom bar.

Modernizing the Kitchen

Even in small homes,repurposing a room or creating an eat-in kitchen can be easily accomplished with the simple addition of a bar area. While breakfast nooks and restaurant booths have been popular over recent decades, the bar addition to the kitchen can make more sense and add to the versatility of the kitchen area. The kitchen is the heart of the home in many instances, so upgrading a kitchen with a new bar area is not a bad choice. In addition, more seating can always be used for family gatherings or special occasions. Very few new additions to a home are as attractive and outstanding as a unique and versatile kitchen.

Apartment Makeovers

Small living spaces can also be greatly improved for look and feel by finding the right bar for the specific apartment. Open space apartments can be especially enhanced with a portable bar that can be used in various decorating arrangements. This is often not practical inefficiency apartment changes, but optimizing space is still important in apartment living. Living rooms and family areas make good locations and portable bars clearly offer the most variety in use. While remodeling a small area may be challenging, small changes to any living space can still give the home a different ambiance for those who want some modification in their home.

The in-home bar room trend is clearly here to stay for a while as individuals continue to buy larger and more elaborate homes. The important thing to remember when making a purchase to update your home is choosing quality materials and products that can add value as well as comfort and appeal to any gathering space in the home. Whether it is a party, card game or just breakfast, the practical uses of a bar are much more than the prototypical idea may suggest. A bar always catches the eye of the visitor and is clearly a conversation piece.

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