How Trash Has Gone High Tech

Let’s talk trash. Let’s talk a lot of trash, because we throw away a lot of things. But just because there’s a lot of garbage out there doesn’t mean there’s anything interesting to say about it, right?

Actually, not quite. Trash has gone high tech, and it’s actually pretty cool. Here are three trash facts you probably didn’t know:

1. You’re wearing trash

But it looks great on you! Almost everybody else is wearing trash, too, so don’t feel offended. Plastic soda bottles are routinely turned into polyester fibers, which are used to make many different types of clothing.

It’s a pretty interesting process. Bales of crushed plastic bottles are shredded into tiny pieces. They’re cleaned, then melted at high temps, where they turn into foam.

The foam is pushed through a spinneret. It’s similar to how pasta is made, only with much thinner strands. These thin filaments are then spun into various thicknesses of polyester yarn.

2. Trash has a new disposal method

Medical trash is especially nasty business, and must be disposed of properly. Previously, this was handled with polyethylene bags, which take forever to decompose and are pretty bad for the planet.

One company has invented a new type of trash bag, however, which breaks down much more quickly.

Hospitals produce a lot of waste, and it all must be handled in a certain way. This new type of material is both medically and environmentally responsible.

3. A trash can will keep you safe

Unfortunately, terrorism is a fact of life these days. But there’s a new type of trash can that’s actually helping to keep the public safe. It’s a clear trash can, and it been proposed for heavily trafficked public areas.

Thick, durable and, most important, see-through, these trash cans deal a major blow to anyone who wants to stick an explosive device inside of one. Approved by the Department of Homeland Security, these clear cans help law enforcement stop tragedies before they happen.

There will always be a need to dispose of the world’s garbage. And even though the subject might seem a bit unpleasant, these high-tech methods of dealing with trash disposal are making it a bit safer and more responsible.

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