How to Market Your Mobile App

If you’ve joined the growing market for software developers in response to the rapid adoption of mobile devices for a multitude of daily tasks, then you realize this market is becoming more competitive by the month.  You need to get an edge and there’s no time to waste, so why not give your software product a head start on the competition by pairing it with RedCappi email marketing software?

An industry estimate predicts that a million new mobile apps will have been created in 2012, and average of two thousand per day.  Trying to place these into categories is a nearly impossible task.  At the most primitive level, they can be divided into those that waste time and those that are useful, with further categories established to reflect the quality of the waste of time or utility.

Gartner has compiled a list of ten categories of mobile devices:

  1. Location-based services (LBSs).
  2. Social networking.
  3. Mobile search.
  4. Mobile commerce.
  5. Mobile payment.
  6. Context-aware service.
  7. Object recognition.
  8. Mobile instant messaging.
  9. Mobile e-mail.
  10. Mobile video.

However, these categories seem a bit arbitrary, particularly with respect to mobile search, commerce, and payment.  The concept of mobile commerce could subsume all three and maybe some of the others, as well.  The jackpot is there for the creation of a “killer app” that would do for a startup what Wordstar and Supercalc did for the PC.  Even a time-wasting game that goes viral can be very rewarding for its developer.

Regardless of the number of categories one recognizes, the impression is created that this must be a great opportunity for developers to get busy writing apps.  However, eager entrepreneurs got a reality check when they read, probably on the web, courtesy of the NYT, the sad story of a couple who arranged their affairs so as to downsize their living arrangements in order to establish a consultancy to develop apps and ended up with only $5,000 of revenue.  It’s a globally competitive business with limited barriers to entry.

Therefore, for a would-be entrant into this field, as important as the selection of an app to development and timely delivery to the market is the ability to get the product before the audience whose recognition can establish value for customers, investors, and prospective financiers.  The skills required for the development of an app are unlikely to correlate fully with those of a marketing expert who is keeping up with the dynamic field.  A developer would be wise to engage this expertise as early as possible in the process in order to make decisions that will offer the best chance of success.

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