How to Make Your Education Stand out on Social Media

Although the unemployment rate has remained steady at 7.6%, many are still struggling with finding employment. But, there is good news. With 195,000 new jobs added last month, the odds of finding a job have greatly improved. The competition may be stiff, but there are ways to stand out from the crowd.

One way gain an advantage is to spruce up existing social media profiles. According to Social Intelligence, a company that conducts pre-employment screening by means of social media searches, at least 79% of potential employers review social media platforms when considering a candidate. And what do recruiters look for most when looking for a potential employee? A well-educated individual.

Most employers today require at least a Bachelor Degree to be considered for employment. And with the number of individuals obtaining a Bachelor Degree in today’s society on the rise, it’s important to go the extra mile to really make a lasting impression.

Go Back to School

Though seemingly simple, going back to school and furthering your education is the first step. When choosing a degree it is important to examine all career choices and possibilities the degree can offer. For example, a Bachelor Degree in Literature is great for an editor position, but what if there are no editor positions open? How useful is the degree then?

Other options open might include an English teacher position at a local high school or college for which more education would be required. It is crucial as a job seeker to determine if more education is needed because of the value employers place on it. Getting turned down for a position due to lack of proper education is something that can be avoided.

Be Specific

When listing education on social media, be specific. Sometimes it’s not enough to just list a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Try to take advantage of sites that allow you to expand on basic information. In addition to listing the type of degree obtained, consider highlighting specific courses taken as well. While employers value an employee that is book smart, they also look for individuals who have the skills necessary to perform well. Skills like communication and decision making are in high demand from potential employers. Highlighting a course like critical thinking or effective communication skills on your social media profile may be the difference between getting hired and being overlooked.

Don’t Underestimate the Use Keywords

Employers often times, when searching for a candidate on social media, will utilize the keyword feature to narrow down their choices. The more keywords a profile has the more likely a recruiter will take a closer look at it. When revamping profiles on the social media platform, you should conduct research as to which keywords a potential employer in your specific market will look for. In the business industry for example, using words like consumer behavior and integrated marketing communications to highlight education specifics could result in more interest in a particular individual for a marketing position.

Social media can be a great tool when looking for employment if used correctly.  And with more people utilizing social media these days (LinkedIn alone has 225+ million users) ; this is an avenue not to be overlooked. Taking the time to make sure education is effectively described on a social profile is one of the best ways to increase the chances of landing a great job.

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