How to Maintain a Poker Face in an Online Casino

Whether a player is just beginning of has years of experience, there are always more strategies and skills to learn in the world of online casinos. Just as with an actual casino, knowing the rules of the game is just as important as reading the other players, knowing statistical chance, and keeping a straight face. There are countless tips for mastering online casino games, especially for players who are just starting out.

In many ways, online casino games and live ones are very different. Seeing an opponent, holding the cards, and hearing the sounds of the casino create an environment unrecognizable from that of online casino games either played at home on a computer or in the world on a smartphone. Still. there are just as many mind games and hints to pick up on about opponents in online games as there are in live ones.

The Difference Between Online and Physical Games

In poker, the differences between online games and playing against a physical opponent can make them feel like entirely different games. Live poker is known as a bluffing game. A player’s success depends on their ability to keep a straight face and not give their opponents any clues about their hand. What many don’t realize is there is just as much deception and clues to read about a player in online poker.

In some ways, it’s easier to be able to see an opponent’s face during a game to try to read it, but there are tricks to reading an opponent in an online game as well. Here are some things to look for in an opponent and what they mean (and also how to avoid doing the same thing):


  • If an opponent calls right away it’s clear that they don’t have a lot in their hand to think about and strategize over. When someone takes an extended amount of time to decide what to do, on the other hand, their uncertainty shines through. Knowing an opponent’s average reaction time helps to pick up on any changes and what they might imply.
  • Overbetting can say something about an opponent’s hand. In live poker, it’s easier to lose track of the pot so bets aren’t necessarily an indication of something. With online poker an overbet usually shows that the player has a good hand.
  • A player’s skill level can also be easy to judge in online poker as it is in live poker games. When a player offers unwarranted advice it can prove their inexperience. Players who know the game will be focusing on their cards and the other players, and certainly won’t be giving away all of their secrets to their opponents.

By understanding the opponents and what their moves, hesitation (or lack thereof), and personalities mean, mediocre online players can shoot their way to the top and master not only the game but their own appearance while playing.

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