How to Choose Exterior Home Colors That Inspire You

If selecting colors for the exterior of your home feels like a challenge, you’re not alone. Many people have no idea where to begin.

Unlike your interior colors that are primarily defined by your furnishings and overall style, the exterior of your home has other elements to think. The styles and colors of nearby homes and the surrounding environment can make the process difficult when you try to coordinate them all for your home.

Home improvement sites and stores can be helpful, but use your existing environment as a guide to help you synchronize your exterior color palette. The following suggestions may help.

Ask the professionals

Depending on your location, local paint stores and exterior home consultants can assist you in choosing the ideal combination of colors for your home’s exterior. Most manufacturers have websites that feature tools that enable you to play with the colors before actually buying them.

They’ll let you test how the trim, shutters, and primary colors work together and suggest certain color families that may inspire you. This will also help you decide how unique you want your home to be compared to the palettes of your neighbors: whether you wish to really stand out.

Use nature to inspire your color selections

Look out your windows and take in the natural colors you see. A house located on the beach surrounded by water and sand should have a much different inspiration from one in a desert or rocky terrain.

Harmonize the colors in nature with your home, or at least to complement it. Homes with mountains as their backdrop work best with natural greens, deep burgundies, and brown rustic tones, while homes close to the water do well with soft yellow tones, sandy taupes, and inspiring shades of blue.

Use the colors you love

Whether you enjoy clear blue skies or a warm sunset, use those perfect colors to inspire you. Many people tend to get hooked by the latest designer trends and what everyone else is doing.

None of this should matter; be original. The exterior colors of your home should reflect who you are and make you feel at home. You’ll know the perfect colors when you see them; you’ll just feel it.

Visit your favorite neighborhoods

While it’s true you that can find inspiration without ever leaving your yard, you can also get inspired from visiting other neighborhoods you like. There are also many online resources to help you choose a workable color palette.

Some homeowners use colors suggested by professional designers and architects that are pre-selected and featured in the latest lines.

Whether you’re updating the exterior of your 150-year-old Victorian or getting ready to build a Spanish Mediterranean-style home, the colors you choose will have a huge impact on your home and surrounding area. Don’t be afraid to consult family members and friends if you can’t decide which way to go.

The professionals at your local home improvement store can be a great help for both choosing colors and using the appropriate tools. If you like, buy a small sample and test it on your home. Observe it in the morning, afternoon, and evening: It will look different throughout the day.

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