How to Buy Smarthomes on the Market

The ideal scenario when you are in the market to buy a new home is that you think about what you want in your home and then go out and get it. Technology today has made it possible to have a home with so many technological features that they are called smart homes much like the phones. Have you ever been out and suddenly been overwhelmed with panic because you can’t remember if you turned off the oven or the teapot? Do you want to check up on your kids and make sure they are doing their chores or homework instead of goofing around or playing on their gadgets? Today, you can include this kind of technological criteria in your search for realty.

What a Smart Home Means

Smart homes or android homes as they are also called come ready to go and have all sorts of features. They put the power to control your home from halfway across the world in the palm of your hand from your iPhone or Android. You can turn off lights, check security systems and even control the WiFi.

How Smart Home Real Estate Is Possible

If these features don’t already come in the home you want, then you can have them installed just as you would a skylight, a sauna or an extra porch. There are certain companies that specialise in creating the protocols for the systems that allow smarthomes to be just that. Some of the companies are X10, Insteon, Z-Wave and Zigbee, and then there are the companies that create these systems. Most of them will work together, but some may have to be setup to work together. There are already quite a few of these smart homes on the market in Texas, California and other states. Bill Gates is famous for his smart home. Although it is made of recycled wood and has a killer view, it has features such as heated driveways and programmable everything.

What Do You Want Your Smart Home to Be Able to Do?

What a smart home means to you all depends on you and your family’s needs. The lights in each room could be programmed to a specific brightness or hue depending on the person in it. Lights can also be setup to detect motion. Your surveillance system could be top of the line and detect whether a person is an intruder, a family member or just the family dog. You could have a feed of the babycam accessible from your phone.

Whether you want to build your own android home or buy one, you can always have its features tweaked just to your liking. For instance, and this may sound a bit creepy, but all individuals in your home could wear a chip so that the house has a way to identify each person. This allows them to move from room to room without missing part of their favorite show or song. The lights will automatically turn on in rooms with inhabitants and turn off in other rooms. The heating and cooling system can also be programmed to work the same way. Although initially this system may cost more to setup, once such features are in place, they will save you money.

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