How to Build Your Online Presence

Websites can do amazing things for an organization. However, there is more to your online presence that merely building a website to show your hours of operation and contact information. Your online presence can directly influence local sales at your brick-and-mortar store. As more and more people activate smartphones, these individuals are spending less time looking through the phone book to find goods and services. They are turning to online services that display business info and hours of operation.

Social Media Profiles

Social media is an integral part of how society keeps in touch. Many areas have specific profiles centered around communities in order to share news and information. By including a social profile of your business on these sites, you can build a relationship with those local consumers. It also provides a platform to send discounts, sales and other promotional strategies online to encourage consumer interaction. As these profiles take little time to maintain and free to establish, it’s an efficient method to reach out to the local community.

Search Engine Business Pages

Many search engines allow businesses to add their information directly for results while improving online visibility through various tools. For example, local users searching for “computer repair” may see your business located in the top search result if you own a computer repair shop. As most search engines are moving to a “local area first” type of solution, this could be an important addition to consider since more people are using mobile devices to fill local needs.

Detailed Content Pertaining to Your Niche

Regular informational content can help improve search engine results to your business page while enhancing professionalism. By providing rich material for local and online consumers alike, the business can begin to develop a stronger reputation. If you plan on developing online revenue in the future, this may be where you want to start. However, local consumers can find value in your content as well which may put your company in a positive light when compared to your local competition. If you have a restaurant, offer nutritional information or recipes. Computer shops could offer knowledge of how to avoid common technical problems. Any business can offer free information in this manner.

Localized Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click campaigns can be focused on displaying ads to Internet users based on your particular location. Since you only pay for the ad once someone clicks it, PPC campaigns can be cost effective and efficient. Although most organizations will use these styles of campaigns when offering an online service that can generate revenue, many local establishments place these ads for the sole purpose of being displayed to consumers within the community.

These are only a handful of ways that allow you to improve online presence. Even if you don’t offer eCommerce or online services, the local search aspect alone is reason enough for you to build a good strategy for your Internet reputation. Given the impact that mobile devices have made on the world, your online presence may be just as important as paying for radio ads in your immediate area. As most of these services cost little money, there is little to lose in order to develop some kind of strategy for integrating your business within the digital world.


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