How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

There are still many benefits to having a real estate agent on your side, as well as becoming a Realtor if that appeals to you. You should be aware of how technology is changing the practice of real estate, just like nearly every other industry. realestatetech

If you’re looking to get your license or take your business to a higher level, you can’t depend solely on old-school advice (apart from the old motto to “always be selling”). You need to find out how technology can work for you.

First, change your image of what you think a Realtor looks like. Maybe you’re not the best at showing houses, but owning a real estate franchise taps into your management experience.

Identify your strengths and skills, then supplement them with technology. For Realtors, this might mean keeping track of Yelp reviews and using the right realty apps to link clients with homes that would appeal to them.

Don’t work too hard

Some agents are using drones to help sell houses. They obtain aerial footage to show prospective buyers how the property looks from every angle. You might run afoul of some aviation laws along the way, but everyone from Amazon to real estate agents are jumping on the drone bandwagon, so it’s worth a shot (so to speak).

This kind of airborne technology will surely be approved and properly regulated by the FAA before much longer.

Choose a smartphone with the best camera so you’ll never get caught not camera ready when it comes to snapping curb appeal or sending a last-minute request to a client (such as when they’ve forgotten what the kitchen counters look like). While a camera has always been a Realtor’s major tool, it’s easy to forget to bring one, but today’s camera phones can be phenomenal.

Let tech be your assistant

Can’t decide between a laptop or tablet? The latest crossover devices, such as the IdeaPad Yoga, give you the best of both worlds. Shuttling from house to house, it’s important that you stay connected and have all your documents at hand (even if they’re in the cloud), but even lightweight laptops can be clunky.

An ultrabook slides easily into your bag, and you won’t suffer any of the drawbacks that can be present with a regular tablet.

Your buyers are already depending heavily on apps to keep up with listings and price changes, so you mustn’t get left behind. Apps for agents such as ZipForms and DocuSign will make you a fierce competitor in a mobile world.

Do you need a buyer to sign a document on the spot in a secure fashion, or want to stay updated on the competition’s prices? There’s an app for those, so make sure you have it.

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