How SEO Has Changed the Way Companies Market Themselves


In the past, companies usually chose either to hire a marketing agency or to market themselves with signage, paid print ads, TV spots, and other advertising tools. The rise of the Internet has completely changed the way businesses self-promote.

Many companies are use the Web as a way to market themselves as opposed to other, more traditional methods. They pretty much have to, to stay in the game.

This means businesses have had to learn SEO marketing as well as other Internet marketing strategies to get the word out about their work and improve their client base as well as maintain profits. SEO and Internet marketing have changed how companies promote their goods and services in many different ways.

Here are just a few.

Bigger choice

While there may have been a few marketing companies in the past who offered traditional advertising options, now there are thousands for client firms to choose from when it comes to Internet and SEO marketing. These marketing outfits are staffed by experts who can offer excellent advice when it comes to advertising online.

In any type of market, it’s important to have choices. The variety of Internet marketing agencies gives businesses who can use expert help in navigating Internet promotion more choices than they likely had in the past.

Personal connections

Supple Solutions makes sure that all its clients, as well as potential clients, know that its consultants try to make a direct connection with everyone who engages their services. Unlike the bigger advertising firms of the past, most Internet marketing agencies are small firms that do not employ hundreds of people.

Being on the smaller side, businesses such as Supple Solutions tend to be more responsive to the market, which makes them more responsive to their clients as well. Companies that choose to use Internet marketing specialists can be assured they’ll get more personal attention, and faster service, when compared to traditional marketing companies.


While there is still a cost to marketing your company on the Internet, it is often much lower than marketing yourself in more traditional ways. Choosing an SEO or Internet marketing company is less expensive than opting for the older methods of advertising such as radio spots, newspaper ads, or billboards.

Most companies that choose to make the switch from traditional to Internet advertising find they spend far less for their marketing budget than they used to. If your company is looking to reduce any part of its operating budget, one of the first places you should look is at marketing spending trends.

Better results

It’s a known fact that most people today use the Internet to search for pretty much anything they want and need. SEO helps businesses capitalize on the web searches their potential customers are doing.

Companies that provide SEO services know the unwritten rules and styles of writing that enable their clients to appear as the top search result, or at least near the top of the search results. It’s much easier for companies to show up in a list of search results than it is to be the first in the phone book.

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