How Ductless Heat Pumps Can Heat Up Your Winters

It seems like every winter, there’s something new that comes out that promises to warm your house, save money and be friendly to the environment, all at the same time. While there’s probably some grain of truth hidden deep within the advertising and “too good to be true” pricing, few heating solutions can combine everything – green power, money saving and actual heat – into one compact package. That’s where ductless heat pumps come in, and here’s how they can keep you warm.

What Are Ductless Heat Pumps?

Starting at the most obvious point, what exactly are ductless heat pumps? To answer that question, first we look at package heat pumps, a heating (or, when applicable, a cooling) system that has all its components (and since we’re dealing with a heating system, those components are refrigeration components) in a single cabinet. With package heat pumps defined, we can understand ductless heat pumps to be a package heat pump unit that heats (or, when applicable, cools) a room without the use of heating ducts (the conduits that carry warm air into rooms).

How Are Ductless Heat Pumps Useful?

Ductless heat pumps come in handy for small rooms, or spaces where installing ducts is not feasible. Ergo, they are ideal for heating when space is at a premium, or for newer, energy efficient homes that do not want a monstrous heating system. Ductless systems can also be best used for remodels or adding extra rooms to houses, since a ductless heat pumping unit is easier and cheaper than extending or converting traditional methods of heat to cover new, or small, spaces.

Saving Energy

The small size of ductless heat pumps belies an occasionally hefty installation fee, but their environmentally friendly nature comes with rebates and incentives that help offset that initial cost. Once that’s out of the way, their small size saves homeowners money, as an alternative to how pricey it is to heat houses during the winter. Compared to baseboard heating, ductless heat pumps still come out on the more economical end of the spectrum, all the while providing warmth to areas of the house beyond the installation point.

Saving Money

Ductless heat pumps are proving so popular that even credit unions are offering low interest loans to encourage customers to make the switch to efficient and renewable sources of heating during the cold. By increasing energy efficiency, the value of the house is also increased. And since ductless heat pumps can also be used to cool houses down during the summer, the lack of necessity to install separate a separate air conditioning system not only saves money, it saves the environment and the value of the house.

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