How Businesses Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

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It used to be that businesses held true to the mantra “the customer is always right.” But as a customer, when was the last time you felt you were treated that way? In an era of corporate belt tightening, customer service and on the floor sales staff are eliminated, resulting in long waits for assistance with product selection and purchases. According to CGSI, increasing customer engagement with retail staff helps to increase the transaction frequency between customers and businesses. These strategies will help any bricks and mortar or online retailer improve customer satisfaction and sales.

Treat Customers Like They Are in Charge

Customers should be treated as if they are the direct supervisor of anyone interacting with them. Without any customers, there would be no revenue and thus no paycheck, so customers really are the boss. Going out of your way to assist customers, thanking each customer for their time regardless of whether or not they make a purchase and working with integrity are ideal ways to treat every customer, whether in-person or online. In the days of profuse social media use, customer impressions are quick to make it to the web. You goal should be to ensure that every customer interaction is a positive experience.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Each person interacting with customers should strive to educate and inspire all guests. Remembering the names of repeat customers as well as other pertinent details such as the names of their children, pets or their birthday all help to build customer loyalty. Ask customers what you can do to make their visit as beneficial as possible. On the other hand, being too pushy can drive customers away. Retailers must strike the ideal balance of customer service and the customer experience to boost satisfaction.

Take Regular Measurements of Customer Satisfaction

A cost-effective, easy to do and efficient means of measuring customer satisfaction is through an online survey. Businesses can collect customer emails upon checkout and within 72 hours, send out a customer satisfaction survey. The survey should make sense, be short and to the point. The customer should be able to leave detailed feedback in a text box if they desire. Otherwise, multiple choice or Likert scale responses are ideal.

Taking Action on Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting surveys of customer satisfaction is worthless unless you plan to do something with the information. You can use initial data as a baseline for your success. After implementing changes in training and the way that staff interact with customers, measure satisfaction again. A downward trend in satisfaction scores from customers may be a cause for consideration to change communication strategies. If the trend is in a positive direction, this can reinforce the fact that your strategies are working. Taking customer feedback seriously and implementing change where it makes sense can help customers feel as if they are important and that their thoughts are considered by the management.

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